November skating season

As November rolls in so does the time change and cooler weather.

Birthday party season in doors has begun and right now we have some

Saturdays completely booked. So if you are thinking about giving your

child the best birthday party around, give us a call in advance to secure

your time slot.


Roller skating has picked up as it’s still a great way to spend quality time with

the family, and burn tons of energy and calories at the same time. Make sure to

visit and receive to free passes a week for the kids to come skating.


Go-karts at this time of the year are iffy. We can only run them doen to 50 degrees and the track has to be dry.

With the sun being at a lower angle is creates a shadow on parts of the track and cause them to sweat on days we

didn’t have any rain. Best thing to do is always call about riding go-karts this time of the

year if you are coming out.


Scotties Fun Spot is gearing up for the busy season with some new arcade games, come on out and

see the latest and greatest.