March madness

It’s already March and Scotties is into the busy season. If you are looking for the best place to throw your Birthday party, or even you child’s birthday party we are the place. Out parties will be one that even without pictures they will remember for years to come. Scotties has been throwing birthday parties for over 40 years. Think about that…… we have done thousands of them. We are here to make those memories great for your family.


Go-karts are open for the season, always check the coupons on our website for a way to save some moolah. This time of the year it does take some time for the track to dry if it gets cool outside, if in doubt call ahead. We still have 1 kart available to advertise your business, if you are interested shoot me an email at

It’s time to get your school or classroom end of the year field trip booked. A lot of dates are already taken and if you don’t get booked you might just run out of luck 217-222-3868

Lastly, the reunion skate is coming up on March 28th. Don’t miss it we turn back the music to something you can skate to. The DRDC roller derby team will be on hand as well. Bring the kids and show them how to ROLL!!!