Go Karts

Our state of the art electric go-karts was added to the facility in Oct. 2012. Manufactured by Amusement products they feature adjustable seats so smaller drivers can reach the pedals. The number one feature we choose this brand was for the boost button on the steering wheel. It enables the driver to use a boost of power to pass fellow drivers.

$7 for a 5-minute ride.
$3 for a child riding with an adult.

Fun Spot Speedway is considered a Major attraction in our birthday and Fun Saver packages.

Don’t forget to use the Boost button, a limited amount per ride!

Height Requirements

Single-seater karts

  • Rookie -46″ and 6 years old
  • Junior – 52″ and 8 years old
  • Family – 56″ and 10 years old

Double seaters karts

  • Tot (rider only)- 36″ and 4 years old driver must be 
  • Rookie – 46″ and 10 years old (no passenger)
  • Junior – 56″ and 10 years old (no passenger)
  • Family – 56″ and 10 years old (no passenger)

Driver must be 18 to have a passenger